1. Please check in the Admit Card carefully for your Name, Course, Date of Birth, Gender, State Code of Eligibility, Category and Question Paper Medium.

In case of any discrepancy, communicate to the CBSE immediately for necessary action.
2. Candidates shall be present at the examination Centre 45 minutes before the commencement of the examination.

3. No Candidate in any case will be allowed to enter at the Examination Centre after the commencement of the examination in each paper.

4. No Candidate without Admit Card shall be allowed to sit in the examination by the Centre Superintendent.

5. Candidates must preserve the Admit Card till the allotment of seat in College/Institution.

6. No Candidate shall be allowed to leave the Examination Hall before the conclusion of the test and without handing over the Answer Sheet to the
Invigilator concerned.

7. Candidates should check and ensure that the Test Booklet contains as many number of pages as written on the top of the cover page.

8. Candidate shall not remove any page(s) from the Test booklet and if any page(s) is/are found missing from his/her Test Booklet, he/she may be liable for
criminal action.

9. Candidates should bring good quality blue/black ball point pens for the examination. USE OF PENCIL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

10. Candidates should use blue/black ball point pen only to write particulars on the cover page of Test Booklet, Answer Sheet and for darkening the circles
of response.

11. Calculators, Log tables, Calculating devices, Communication Devices like Cellular Phone/Pager/Docupen etc. And Textual materials are not allowed in
the Examination Hall.

12. If a candidate is found in possession of Cellular Phone/Paper/Docupen during the exam, the same will be forfeited and his/her candidature will be

13. Candidates must follow the instructions strictly as contained in the Information Bulletin.

14. The Admit Card is issued provisionally to the candidate subject to his/her satisfying the eligbility condition.

15. On completion of the test, candidate must handover the Answer Sheet to the invigilator in the room/hall and take away with them only the Test Booklet.

16. For Aptitude Test Paper 2, the candidate must bring there own Geometry Box Set,Pencils,Erasers and Colour pencils or Crayons. The Candidates are
NOT allowed to use water colours on Drawing Sheet.

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